LG's OLED Evo TVs land two environmental sustainability awards

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is once again touting its environmentally-friendly chops, announcing that its premium 2023 OLED Evo TVs have just landed two major awards from Société Générale de Surveillance SA’s (SGS) Carbon Trust.


SGS’s Carbon Trust is a global climate standards body that’s tasked with accelerating the shift towards a carbon net zero future. SGS itself is a widely recognized global testing organization that certifies products as being environmentally sustainable. With regards to LG’s latest OLED TVs, they say they inspected every stage of the manufacturing process, as well as delivery and disposal procedures.

The Carbon Trust said LG’s OLED Evo series TVs were certified for both Reducing C02 and Measured C02. The TVs are said to be made with more lightweight materials yet provide greater durability than conventional televisions, thanks to LG’s application of composite fibre material and metal. The result is that LG was able to use just 40% of the plastic found in a standard LCD TV of the same screen size. Because of this, LG was able to reduce its carbon emissions by 20,000 tons this year.

Select models from the latest OLED Evo series are said to weigh around 20% less than an equivalent size LCD TV, which translates to a big reduction of C02 emissions while they’re being shipped. According to the Carbon Trust, the back cover of the LG OLED Evo, QNED and NanoCell TVs use more than 30% recycled plastic in their construction, contributing to a reduction in plastic waste of 3,200 tons per year.

The organization also pointed out that the LG OLED Evo TVs are built using far fewer components than their LCD cousins. That’s mainly due to the self-emissive nature of the OLED displays, which eliminates the need for backlights and a supporting structure. The reduced component count also translates to fewer electrical resources used per unit, as well as less plastic and e-waste to deal with once it’s time for the TV to be scrapped.

Baik Sun-pil, leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Development Division, stressed that the company’s OLED TVs are carefully designed to reduce their environmental impact in every product stage. “LG will continue to pursue a broad range of ESG initiatives and responsible practices, as the firm leader of the OLED TV market,” he added.