Loewe announces customisation options for luxury Iconic OLED TV

Mike Wheatley

Loewe, the luxury brand that makes high-end TVs with a big emphasis on design and quality, has announced it is launching versatile customization options for buyers of one of its most extraordinary TV sets, the Loewe Iconic OLED TV.


Announced in October last year, the Loewe Iconic OLED TV is available in a choice of 55-inch and 65-inch sizes and features the impressive OLED EX panel technology from LG Display, with 4K resolution and advanced gaming features ensuring a fantastically realistic experience for both movie lovers and gamers.

The Loewe Iconic is a high-end TV set in terms of picture quality, but what it really stands out for is its luxurious design. It’s encased in a synthetic stone material designed by the company that’s allied “Syno-stone”. The solid-surface material is said to be extremely durable and hygienic, providing an eye-catching concrete-like aesthetic that looks quite unlike any other consumer TV. It’s incredibly stylish and will become an immediate talking point for any guest, and it has the added benefit of being made from recycled materials that can later be recycled again once the TV reaches the end of its life. It’s a unique marriage of AV pedigree, style, class and sustainability that promises to amaze anyone who sets eyes on it.

The original Loewe Iconic was only available in one colour – an elegant graphite grey finish – but today the company announced that it’s making a bronze option available to buyers too. In addition, it said buyers will now be able to choose from new and exclusive syno-stone finishes in pure white, midnight marble, diamond dust and ivory sands. For the acoustic speaker fabric, customers can choose from grey, black and bronze.


Additionally, Loewe said it’s extending the installation options for customers with several optional system components, which make it possible for buyers to individualize the personal appearance of the TV to their liking.

For instance, there’s a choice of chassis, with buyers able to decide between the SL5 or SL7 operating system, as well as a number of external audio solutions. The latter options include the Loewe klang soundbar with 3.1 channels, and wireless speaker options including the Loewe klang sub5 and the Loewe klang mr1, mr3 and mr5.

Loewe said that this individualization concept is represents an impressive demonstration of the competence of its design studio. For over a century, Loewe has considered itself as a high-end brand that’s known for its inventiveness.


Authorised retailers will be issued with a sample folder that displays fabric and material samples in all of the available colour options. In this way, buyers can ensure they have an exact idea of what their chosen design will look like.

The customisable Loewe Iconic options are available at all authorised retailers from today, the company said.