Loewe expands luxury bild i OLED lineup with 77-inch model

Mike Wheatley

Luxury TV maker Loewe is launching a bigger, better version of its bild i OLED TV. The 77-inch model is the biggest yet in the OLED bild i series, and comes with what the company calls the “latest OLED panel”.


Whether or not this latest OLED panel is LG’s new Micro Lens Array-based display that offers superior brightness and performance isn’t mentioned, so it probably isn’t. Nonetheless, the company noted that it achieves “natural, harmonious” pictures with pinpoint accuracy. It supports HDR formats including HLG, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

The real selling point of Loewe’s OLED TVs isn’t the exception picture quality though. Rather, it has always been the luxury styling, and this new model incorporates many of the hallmarks of its signature look, alongside a commitment to a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. The 360° design incorporates a lacquered, fabric-covered back panel and hidden cable routing within a subtle magnetic cover. The company claims this elegant design allows it to integrate harmoniously with any interior space.

Users have the option of hooking the bild i77 onto the wall with a supplied, tiltable wall mount, or standing it on the floor with its “stand flex”. Alternatively, they can opt for a “free-floating” look by using the Loewe floor2ceiling stand that makes the TV appear as if it’s literally floating in mid-air.


Complementing the ultra-stylish look, the bild i77 incorporates a hidden soundbar that delivers impressive sound in its own right. Of course, users can create an expanded soundstage by connecting the TV with Loewe’s home cinema sets 553 and 531, or the Loewe klang bar5 mr, klang sub5 or klang bar3 mr soundbars. Each of these components, and the TV itself, support Dolby Atmos to deliver an atmospheric sound experience.

Other features that set the TV apart include an onboard, 1 terabyte hard drive and a stylish remote control. The TV can also be activated through an integrated voice assistant. Multiple streaming apps are available, including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HD+, Zattoo, FIFA+ and DAZN.

For all of this luxury, be prepared to pay a premium. Loewe said the bild i77 is available at authorised retailers now with a price tag of £5,999.