Magnetar debuts new high-end Blu-ray player, the UDP900

Mike Wheatley

Magnetar has announced a new and extremely high-end Blu-ray player that tops its existing flagship models, the UDP800, with 7.1 RCA analog outputs, a dual power supply and upgraded board.


The Magnetar UDP900 is aimed at Blu-ray disc collectors and enthusiasts who require a player that can handle both audio and video discs, and are prepared to pay a premium for the pleasure, with its hefty 2,500 euro price tag - in contrast, the UDP800 costs 1,600 euros.

Magnetar said the UDP900 comes with additional output ports, with 7.1 RCA being a new inclusion. Others include USB DAC for music, and there’s a new 6-layer main board. The model supports all major disc types and file formats, as well as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR.

It’s an extremely sleek looking piece of hardware too, encased inside an all-aluminium alloy body with reinforced structure, making it weigh almost twice as much as the UDP800, at 15.5 kg compared to 8 kg. Under the hood, it’s powered by a MediaTek MT8581 chip, with support for USB hard disks of up to 16 TB for local media file playback.


The Magnetar UDP900 is launching at a time when the market for optical video discs is in decline, resulting in big name brands like Oppo and Samsung exiting the market and others, such as Panasonic and Sony, simply persisting with older models. However, the likes of Magnetar, Pannde, and Reavon have emerged in their stead, targeting enthusiasts with higher-end Blu-ray players

Magnetar said the UDP900 will be sold via specialist retailers and will also go on sale in the U.S., though prices there are not yet confirmed.