Microsoft reveals full technical specs for the Xbox Series X console

Mike Wheatley

Microsoft revealed the full technical specifications of its upcoming Xbox Series X video games console in a blog post Monday, and it comes with a bunch of features that put it far ahead of previous generation consoles.


Although there are no pricing details at this point, Microsoft said the console would be available during the “holiday season”, which we can assume means before Christmas.

According to the blog post, the Xbox Series X will be capable of running 4K graphics at 60 to 120 frames per second, which would mean that most games’ graphics will show crystal clear details and appear smooth even in the most fast-paced action games.

The console is getting an upgraded graphics card and processor to help with that, so it can run more graphic-intense games, the company said.

High-end PCs can run graphic-intense games at 200+ frames per second, so the upgraded Xbox will come close to matching them, although still not quite at the same level as the best. But consoles have traditionally lagged behind PCs when it comes to high resolution gaming anyway – the advantage is they’re more affordable and easier to set up.

The Xbox Series X will come with one terabyte of storage just like its predecessor the Xbox One X, but the storage gets an upgrade in the form of faster loading times, Microsoft said. That will be a huge benefit for fans of immersive, open world-style games such as Final Fantasy XV, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the company said.

“Modern devices have changed our expectations on how quickly you can move between experiences or applications," Xbox's senior communications manager Will Tuttle said in a blog post. "Most of us want to be able to instantly jump into an experience or return right to where we left off."

As such, the Xbox Series X will make it possible to play a game, stop at a certain point, turn off the console and perform a system update, and then just pick up where you left off.

Here's a list of the full specifications of the Xbox Series X:


Tuttle added that Xbox has been working with TV manufacturers for the past two years to make sure displays are ready to support the Xbox Series X.

In addition, he spoke about the Xbox Series X’s ability to support older games. He said that because the Xbox Series X has upgraded storage and overall specs compared to the Xbox One X, it's easier to support past games.

“As gamers themselves, [the team] understood that we all have our favourite memories, franchises or titles that we want to continue to play even as technology and game design continues to advance,” Tuttle said.