Nanoleaf brings Ambilight-style mood lighting to every TV

Mike Wheatley

LED lighting system specialist Nanoleaf has launched an Ambilight-style mood lighting system for televisions, recreating the kinds of visual effects synonymous with Philips Ambilight TVs.


The Nanoleaf 4D system combines RGB lightstrips that clip onto a TV with a screen-facing camera and tries to imitate the effects of the Ambilight system found in premium Philips TVs. The beauty of Nanoleaf’s product is that it works with any kind of TV.

It’s an intriguing offer because Philips is the only major TV brand that offers built-in mood lighting, and many Philips TV owners appreciate the capability. In recent years though, a number of external solutions have appeared for other manufacturers’ TVs, with Samsung recently partnering with Philips itself to launch such a product. Nanoleaf provides a new option for all TV brands.

The Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit comes with a Matter-compatible Smart Addressable Lightstrip and a Screen Mirror Camera, the company explains. The two parts connect with each other using its proprietary Sync+ technology in order to create a more immersive, mood lighting experience when watching movies, shows and playing video games.

The lightstrip is meant to be clipped onto the TV at the edges, while the camera is positioned somewhere in front, facing the TV. It can be positioned very close, such as just below the TV stand. The camera doesn’t spy on what people are watching, Nanoleaf promised. Rather, it simply monitors the colours emanating from the TV in order to reflect them on the lightstrip to enhance the viewing experience. To reassure privacy-conscious users, the camera comes equipped with a magnetic privacy cover, so it can be blocked when not in use.

So you simply snap the RGB lights onto the TV, put the camera somewhere in front, and the system will sync the colors of the on-screen content and the light strips. In addition, users can program the lights to sync with music being played on the TV.

According to Nanoleaf, consumers can further extend the mood lighting effects with the aid of separately sold Nanoleaf lamps and light bulbs, lighting up the entire room to add to the effect. The company is also promising a future software update later this year that will make the RGB lights compatible with the Matter smart home standard.

Nanoleaf said the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit is available for pre-order in the U.S. now in two sizes. The first one costs $100 and is designed for 55-inch and 65-inch TVs, while the second costs $120 and is designed to be used with TVs ranging from 65-inches to 85-inches. They’re scheduled to ship next month.