Optoma's low-lag GT3500HDR UST projector caters to gaming, content and more

Mike Wheatley

Optoma has unveiled a new and compact ultra short-throw laser projector that’s optimized for PC and console gaming, with an input lag of just 8.6 milliseconds.


In actual fact, the Optoma GT3500HDR is something of an all-rounder, designed for both home entertainment and home office setups, with its flagship feature being ultra low latency that’s “four-times lower than competing display technology”, the company said. That equates to 8.6ms for 1080p content at 120Hz, and increases to 17ms at 1080p/60 Hz with 4K UHD input.

Yes, you did read that right. Although the Optoma GT3500HDR only offers Full HD resolution, it comes with a pair of HDMI ports that can accept 4K input. In addition, it features a DuraCore laser light source that’s able to hit an impressive 3,800 lumens, ensuring high quality images not only at night, but also in daytime or when the lights are switched on.

Optoma said the GT3500HDR has a 500,000:1 contrast ratio and native aspect ratio of 16:9, and can throw up an image measuring 80-inches diagonally when placed just eight inches away from the wall or screen. To achieve the maximum image size of 130-inches, the device will have to be set back a bit further.

As the name hints at, the Optoma GT3500HDR does indeed support HDR content in the shape of HDR10 and HLG, and in terms of colour, the company insights it’s able to fully reproduce the entire Rec.709 colour gamut. For easy setup, there are vertical/horizontal keystone correction and four-corner adjustment features.

On the downside, the Optoma GT3500HDR is not a smart projector, which means it doesn’t feature on-board WiFi, so users will be required to connect a media source in order to watch anything on it. That said, it’s easy enough to plug in a streaming device such as a Fire TV or Roku stick thanks to its USB port, which makes it fairly portable. Alternatively, users can cable the projector to a PC or console for gaming and videos.

In terms of audio, the GT3500HDR is equipped with a 15-watt speaker system, with options for connecting external speakers.


Optoma said the GT3500HDR is one of its most compact FullHD laser projectors ever made, with dimensions of 12.87 x 12.87 x 4.29-inches. What’s more, it might appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers too, as more than 50% of the plastics used are said to be recycled

Optoma USA Product Manager Billy Harrison said the general purpose GT3500HDR is designed as a flexible solution for a variety of home usage scenarios, offering “incredible brightness and true-to-life colour” with a compact and environmentally-friendly design.

"A suite of convenient installation features makes the GT35000HDR an ideal projector for any space and takes the big screen experience to new levels for competitive gaming, home entertainment, or home offices,” Harrison said.

The Optoma GT3500HDR is on sale in the U.S. now, priced at $1,499. There's no word yet if it will be made available in other regions.