Panasonic debut affordable JX600 4K LED Smart TV

Mike Wheatley

Panasonic has added an affordable LED LCD TV to its autumn 2021 lineup that offers low-latency gaming, voice-assistant support and Dolby Vision HDR smarts.


The Panasonic JX600 LED Smart TV is available in 43-inch and 50-inch models, making it a decent choice for smaller living rooms or as a second screen in a kitchen or a bedroom.

The company reckons the JX600 packs quite a punch for its sub-£1,000 price tag, with a sharp picture and immersive sound experience that will delight cinema fans, sports enthusiasts and gamers alike.

The 4K Ultra HD resolution display supports HDR standards including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, enabling it to reproduce more vivid colours and higher contrast and brightness when playing compatible content. The company insists it’s capable of delivering dynamically-changing, true-to-life colour and a highly realistic picture overall.

The TV also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, bringing added depth and 3D immersion for movies, live sports, music and gaming.

Panasonic said the JX600 runs Android TV, which means there’s a full range of requisite apps onboard, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Twitch, providing easy access to endless amounts of content.

For gamers, there’s a “Game Mode” that Panasonic said will reduce input lag to ensure that the display reacts instantly to whatever the gamer is doing, ensuring a more satisfying experience overall.

Voice support comes in the form of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so users have a choice of how they want to control the TV.

Admittedly the Panasonic JX600 lacks a lot of high-end features, but with a price tag of just £449 for the 43-inch model and £549 for the 50-inch version, it looks like a compelling offering for anyone interested in a cheap and cheerful new TV. It’ll go on sale at the end of October, with a choice of a Dark Titanium or a Silver finish.