Philips debuts wireless sound system based on DTS Play-Fi

Mike Wheatley

After launching its first TVs of 2022, Philips has followed up with the debut of a new Fidelio range of home cinema products that connect wirelessly to create a more versatile sound system. The new platform is said to be based on proprietary DTS Play-Fi technology.


Philips has announced three initial products in the range and says there will be more available later in the year. To begin with, it’s launching a Dolby Atmos soundbar, subwoofer and bookshelf speaker that will all be able to work together when they go on sale in the second half of the year.

First up is the soundbar, the Fidelio FB1, which is a meaty 7.1.2 channel system with 310 watts of power and 15 drivers in total, including front-, side- and upward-firing speakers. It supports Dolby Atmos but it isn't clear yet if that feature requires an HDMI cable or if it's also wireless.


For extra audio grunt, the Fidelio FW1 subwoofer adds a down-firing 8-inch woofer along with two side-mounted passive radiators.

The lineup also includes the compact, three-way bookshelf speaker, the FS1, which has the versatility to act as a single unit, stereo pair or as satellite speakers in a 7.1.4 surround sound system alongside the above mentioned soundbar and subwoofer.

All three products have been designed to work in tandem with one another, and the platform bases on DTS Play-Fi can automatically detect if other speakers have been added to the system and adjust their output to compensate.


Philips is aiming to give its TV customers more sound setup flexibility. While the speakers still need a power connection, there’s no longer any need to string wires across the living room to connect the various components of a sound system to the TV. Everything will connect wirelessly.

What’s cool is the system has also been designed to work with Philips’ iconic Ambilight mood lighting feature. The FS1 houses LED lights that will be able to sync with the Ambilights on any Philips TV, including its newest ones, enhancing the effect.

Ambilight, Dolby Atmos and wirelesss flexibility… Really, what’s not to like? Philips said it will reveal more about the system in September, just before it goes on sale.