Portrait Displays brings Calman colour calibration software to ASUS ProArt Displays

Mike Wheatley

Display maker ASUS is teaming up with Portrait Displays to bring Calman colour calibration and accuracy to its latest ProArt Displays for professionals.


Portrait Displays is the maker of Calman colour calibration software, which is widely used in the broadcast, production and post-production industries, including by many Hollywood professionals.

ASUS said that five of its new ProArt Displays are now either “Calman Ready”, which indicates their ability to communicate directly with Calman’s software, or “Calman Verified”, which means they can deliver “studio quality colour accuracy” out of the box.

The new, high-end ASUS ProArt Display models PA32UCX, PA32UCX-PK and PA27UCX-K have all been certified as Calman Ready, meaning they can deliver “absolute precision and control” over colour, the companies said.

“These models enable direct communication with Calman colour-calibration software, empowering users to perform professional-quality calibration processing for standard visuals before writing the color parameters back to the ProArt Display's onboard memory,” ASUS said in a media release. “This affords fine-tune control over colour-accuracy tuning and uniformity compensation, making it easy to recalibrate a Calman Ready ProArt Display when and wherever the need arises.”

The software also eliminates the need to connect to a specific computer, as Calman Ready ProArt displays are able to connect to various types of device without needing to readjust the colour settings each time. Simply activate a pre-set colour profile using a hardware hotkey on the display, and you’re good to go, ASUS said.

Meanwhile, the more affordable ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV and PA278QV are now both certified as Calman Verified, meaning they meet Portrait Display’s highest standards regarding colour temperature, gamut, gamma, brightness and DDC/CI communication, the company said. These displays are aimed at “enthusiastic photographers, videographers and 3D designers, the company said

“Everyday demands for these groups of users include superb colour accuracy and factory calibration, enabling the ability for serious creative work right out of the box - from photo to video editing and beyond,” ASUS said.

ASUS added that it’s planning to launch new display models in future that will also be either Calman Ready or Calman Verified.

"We appreciate having the opportunity to partner with Portrait Displays and its peerless Calman color-calibration technology," said Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the ASUS Display Business Unit, Vincent Chiou. "This alliance allows ASUS to guarantee that ProArt Display products meet the highest standards, both straight out of the box and through long-term use.”