Samsung Announces Q60T LCD TV With 4K Resolution

Mike Wheatley

Much of Samsung’s focus at 2020 Consumer Electronics Show was on its latest 8K TV designs and its new bezel-free TVs, but its first models to launch this year will be a more modest range of 4K LCD TVs.


Samsung said its 2020 Q60T range of 4K LCD TVs will incorporate what it calls “dual LED” backlight technology.

The dual LED display technology makes use of a “warm LED backlight system” and a “cold LED backlight system” that helps to improve both the contrast ratios and the colour output on screen. It sounds a bit similar to the Full Array Local Dimming tech seen on some of Samsung’s LCD TVs from last year, though it will probably be less effective as the latter tech is reserved for its higher-end models.

Of note, the absence of a FALD system means that the Q60T model will not support High Dynamic Range picture quality.

“Q60T will be available in up to 85 inches and be part of Samsung's "QLED" line-up to signal that it uses a quantum dot film behind the LCD panel to increase the color gamut. However, in practice only HDR content uses the expanded color gamut so there is little benefit over other mid-range LCD TVs without quantum dots,” FlatPanelsHD reported.

The Samsung Q60T will run the Tizen operating system and support voice controls via Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Samsung hasn’t yet said when the Q60T will go on sale, nor has it revealed any pricing details. However, Samsung’s first TVs typically arrive in the shops between March and May, so we’re expecting the company to provide more details on this soon.

The Q60T will later be joined by the Q95T, Q90T, Q80T and Q70T models, which Samsung says will go on sale later in the year.