Samsung Debuts Its First Vertical TV: The Sero

Mike Wheatley

Samsung has never been one to shy away from new form factors when it comes to TV screens, but the company still managed to raise eyebrows with its topsy turvy new “Sero” TV that’s able to swivel on its axis and display videos vertically, similar to a giant smartphone.


The Sero is said to be a close cousin of Samsung’s other “lifestyle” TVs, the Serif and the Frame, and will be launched as part of its 2019 lineup. The TV sports a Quantum Dot QLED screen and is available in one size – 43-inches.

One of the best things about the Sero is that it’s able to mirror a smartphone screen onto its display, giving some practical use to its vertical orientation. In addition, it can display two pictures, one on top of another, while in this format. That's pretty handy, because we're struggling to think of any other reason why someone would want a vertical screen. In any case the Sero can, thankfully, also flip to horizontal mode when displaying content in a normal widescreen format.


Samsung said the unusual design is all about trying to enjoy the screen “in a new way” and that the concept reflects the smartphone-addicted lifestyle of today’s generation.

"Samsung Electronics analyzed the characteristics of the Millennial generation, which is familiar with mobile content, and presented a new concept TV 'The Vertical', which is based on the vertical screen, unlike the conventional TV," the company said in a press release.


The Sero comes equipped with a 4.1 channel audio system with a combined output of 40 watts. The speakers can also double as a regular sound system when the TV itself is not in use. Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant, is also included in the package, so users will be able to control the TV, including its screen orientation, with simple voice commands.

Perhaps the best news is that this is not just some silly concept that will never see the light of day. Instead, the Sero is going on sale in South Korea as early as next month, priced at a fairly reasonable $1,600 (£1,260).