Samsung Display to expand QD-OLED production by 50% in 2024

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Display is aiming to ramp up production capacity of its QD-OLED displays by 50% in 2024, raising the possibility that we could see new screen sizes introduced by then.


That’s according to the analyst firm UBI Research, which notes that an increase in production capacity at display making firms almost always results in the addition of new size options. For instance in late 2022, Samsung Display announced a 30% increase in QD-OLED production capacity, followed by the news that it would be launching its first 77-inch and 49-inch panels for TVs and computer monitors, respectively, this year.

With further production capacity increases in 2024, Samsung Display will be able to produce 45,000 substrates per month, with each one able to be cut into smaller displays.

The report from UBI Research was first cited by the Korean language website HelloT, which reminds us that Samsung Display now mass produces 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch size QD-OLED displays for TVs, and 34-inch and 49-inch sizes for monitors. The company’s 2023 panels have also been enhanced with a blue emitting layer that should boost brightness and improve the energy efficiency of the QD-OLED displays. However, UBI said there are unlikely to be any further improvements on that front in 2024.

"In addition, the change cycle of the light emitting structure is expected to be extended from one year to two years due to recycling of materials," HelloT said, citing UBI Research's report.

Despite its efforts to ramp up production, Samsung Display is still way behind LG Display in terms of its overall OLED production capacity. LG offers White OLED panels in sizes ranging from 27-inches, all the way up to 97-inches.

It’s not clear what new sizes Samsung Display may offer, but it was previously reported to be considering a 27-inch QD-OLED panel for monitors. Other options include 42-inch or 48-inch panels for smaller TVs, or else it could go even bigger with 82-inch, 88-inch or even 97-inch sizes.

With its increased capacity, Samsung Display may also attempt to convince other TV brands to consider launching QD-OLED TVs. Currently, only Samsung Electronics and Sony sell QD-OLED TVs, though Philips has promised to launch one later this year.