Samsung Unveils New 4K, 8K & Micro LED TVs Galore At CES 2020

Mike Wheatley

Samsung has announced its full TV lineup for 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas , including a range of 4K, 8K and MicroLED models in various sizes.

Samsung has won plaudits already for its stunning flagship Q950TS 8K QLED TV featuring an “infinity design” that eliminates the bezel on three sides, but curious minds may be more interested in the company’s MicroLED TVs, which combine next-generation display technology with unrivalled customisation capabilities.


MicroLED is an emerging new display technology. Just like OLED, it’s an emissive display comprising millions of microscopic LEDs that emit their own light. This eliminates the need for a backlight, thereby making the technology much more power-efficient than traditional LCDs. MicroLED is also said to deliver superior brightness and contrast levels to OLED. It’s also more durable, with a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours of use.

Perhaps the best thing about MicroLED though is its modular nature, which means it’s possible to build displays in any shape or size. This also means it can support any resolution, up to 8K and beyond, as the pixel density can be maintained no matter how large the screen is. MicroLED can also deliver any kind of aspect ratio you want.

Samsung said its 2020 MicroLED TVs are available in 75, 88, 93, 110 and 150-inches at 8K resolution. The 88-inch and 150-inch models both sport an “infinity design” with no bezel at all for a “finish that blends right into any wall”, Samsung said. The company added that its MicroLED models can now reach a peak brightness of 5,000 nits.

Samsung hasn’t said anything about pricing, but its previous MicroLED TV models have incredibly expensive, with the target market being restricted to businesses and luxury homes. And so we don’t expect the 2020 models to be any different, although Samsung clearly does harbour hopes of bringing MicroLED into the mainstream consumer market at some point.

More 8K on display

Also at CES, Samsung announced a second 8K QLED TV called the Q800T, which does have a bezel and sits just one tier below its flagship Q950TS. Like its cousin, the Q800T uses Samsung’s newest “AI quantum processor” that’s designed to improve texture creation and noise reduction while creating its own algorithm to restore fine details. The Q800T also comes with a 4.2.2-channel speaker configuration, as well as new OTS+ sound processing engine that analyses the audio signal and sends it to certain speakers so the viewer can track the sound across the screen in accordance with the movement of the visuals.


And a big helping of 4K too

Not forgetting 4K of course, Samsung has wheeled out no less than four different models – the Q60T, Q70T, Q80T and the Q90T, replacing last year’s Q60R, Q70R, Q80R and Q90R series. All four series are QLED displays, with the Q80T and Q90T featuring Direct Full Array panels, and the Q90T exclusively supporting Samsung’s new Ultra Viewing Angle tech for improved off-axis viewing.

Samsung’s 4K TVs all come with a new processor, called the Quantum Processor 2.0, which once again relies on artificial intelligence in order to upscale lower than 4K content.

There’s also a new Adaptive Picture+ feature that lets viewers optimise the brightness and contrast of each scene for the specific lighting conditions in the room. Adaptive Sound+ meanwhile helps to boost voice clarity whenever background noise is detected.

Samsung said all four of its new 4K QLED TV models is compatible with its Q-Symphony concept, where the TVs drivers work in tandem with the speakers in a connected Samsung 2020 Q-Series soundbar.

The Sero

Last but not least, Samsung said it will be launching its weird-looking vertically-oriented TV “The Sero” in global markets later this year.


The Sero is the latest model in Samsung’s so-called “lifestyle” TV range that also includes its arty The Frame TV and The Serif. Just like a smartphone, it’s able to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientation.

"Geared toward millennial and Gen Z consumers, The Sero features a modern design that stands out in any space, and includes a range of different display features that extend functionality when it is not in use," Samsung said in a statement. "Consumers can expect to enjoy a variety of content – including social media, YouTube and other personal videos – in whatever display orientation mirrors their mobile device."

The Sero has already won a “Best of Innovation” award at CES. The TV itself is fitted with an LCD panel and comes with a 4.1 channel sound system with a combined output of 40W, and can double as a music system when not in use. It’s also possible to display two images, one atop of the other, when the TV is oriented vertically.

Samsung hasn’t yet said when The Sero will be released in other countries, nor has it provided any details on pricing. In South Korea, The Sero currently retails at around £1,215.