Samsung revamps its popular, portable Freestyle projector

Mike Wheatley

An updated version of Samsung Electronics’ The Freestyle portable projector is now available to pre-order.


The first edition of The Freestyle was widely regarded as one of the best portable projectors, sporting a clever cylindrical design that makes it easy to transport, and having the ability to beam a high-resolution image at up to 100 inches. The Freestyle Gen 2 runs the Tizen Smart TV, meaning it has access to all of the best streaming apps and more than 3,000 games from cloud streaming services such as Xbox, GeForce Now, Utomik and Amazon Luna.

Samsung’s Freestyle Gen 2 comes with auto focus and auto keystone features, just like the original. With these, users can easily ensure the image is sharp and geometrically correct, even when projecting from a slight angle. There’s also immersive audio with 360 degree sound outputted from its onboard speakers, and voice commands are available with Samsung’s Bixby assistant and Alexa built-in.

One of the best things about The Freestyle Gen 2 is that its USB-C port enables a portable battery to be plugged in to extend the lifetime of the device. Another option is the separately sold Freestyle Battery Base, which costs around £150 and provides an additional three hours of playback, more than enough for most movies. The device can also be charged by a smartphone or laptop. There’s lots of utility here.

Other accessories include an adaptor that makes it possible to plug The Freestyle into an overhead light socket and charge it that way. By doing it like this, you can even project an image onto a table, expanding its possible use cases.

Samsung said The Freestyle Gen 2 can be pre-ordered in the U.S. now priced at $799, which works out at around £630. Those who order before August 30 direct from the Samsung website will also get free shipping and an IP-55-rated storage case for lugging the device around.

The addition of Samsung’s Gaming Hub makes The Freestyle Gen 2 an ideal choice for gamers who want a big-screen experience they can take anywhere, including outside. This isn’t possible with a traditional console, but so long as there is WiFi access, The Freestyle Gen 2 enables cloud-streamed games to be played practically anywhere.

One final feature worth mentioning is the new Edge Blending capability, which allows two Freestyle projectors to be combined and throw up an enormous ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio display. While we doubt many people will be willing to invest in two of the projectors, it would provide what can only be described as a uniquely immersive gaming experience in any location.