Samsung showcases new TVs and soundbars at first European Summit

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics this week kicked off its first ever European Samsung Summit, where it showcased its entire lineup of televisions and audio gear for 2023, along with various smart home gadgets and digital appliances.


For many, including us, the highlight of the show was Samsung’s latest innovations in TV and sound, which combine to provide consumers with the most interactive and immersive experience yet, the company said.

Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup was revealed earlier this year along with many of their new features. This year’s standout models include the QD-OLED range, which consists of the updated Samsung S95C model and its new sister the S90C, as well as Samsung’s 8K Neo QLED TVs, led by the flagship QN900C, and its 4K Neo QLED TVs, with the flagship model there being the Samsung QN95C.

While most of the new features have already been discussed, Samsung focused on the fact that this year’s TVs all come with a built-in IoT Hub that provides enhanced connectivity and compatibility. Samsung also talked about the new 12-bit processing and AI upscaling updates that deliver new features including Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro. These combine with Auto HDR remastering to generate a brighter and more lifelike picture, Samsung said, bringing viewers closer to the content than ever before.

As for the Samsung S995C, it combines OLED with Quantum Dot technology and neural quantum processors to improve both brightness and colour representation, Samsung said.

The company also pointed to this year’s Lifestyle TVs, including The Frame, The Serif and The Sero, plus The Terrace for outdoors viewing. All of these models have been updated with superior display technology and AI processing, the company said. For fans of The Frame, Samsung’s iconic art gallery-inspired TV, they’ll be able to look forward to a redesigned Art Store layout later this year with a more dynamic home page, allowing users to preview artworks of any size on their TVs.

Another topic of discussion was Samsung’s audio updates. It said its new TVs feature Dolby Atmos integration and Samsung Object Tracking Sound technology, allowing movies, sport or gaming sounds to pan to speakers and create more realistic atmospheric surround sound.

There was a new product on show too, with Samsung introducing its latest HW-Q990C soundbar, an 11.1.4 channel system that adds new software features and SmartThings compatibility. The HW-Q990C soundbar sports both up-firing and side-firing units that connect wireless to two rear speakers, also with up-firing and side-firing units, and a wireless subwoofer.

The company explained that its updated 'Q-Symphony' software takes advantage of compatible 2023 Samsung TVs’ processor to enhance speech or other parameters, and makes it possible to use both the TV speakers and soundbar at the same time. The subwoofer can also now use the soundbar's microphones to analyze the room.

In addition to its TV lineup, Samsung showcased its new range of monitors aimed at video games, including its latest Odyssey G8 QD-OLED model.