Samsung upgrades The Frame gallery TV for 2023

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics has quietly launched an upgraded version of The Frame. The smallest model now comes with the matte LCD display that was already available on larger sizes, and there’s a refreshed digital art store, but apart from that it’s not much different from last year’s models.


The Frame is a bit of an oddball in Samsung’s TV lineup. It’s basically just a standard 4K LCD TV that lacks the advanced dimming technology of the company’s higher-end Neo QLED models. However, its ability to double as a work of art, with its picture-frame appearance, has proven hugely popular with certain buyers. Users can showcase various artworks when the TV is not in use, including those from legendary artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and Botticelli.

Samsung’s Art Store is a subscription service that allows The Frame owners to buy or rent digital versions of famous art. By displaying them when the TV is not being used to watch movies or shows, The Frame doubles as a decorative piece for stylish living rooms and dining areas. What’s more, The Frame can be customised with different magnetic wooden or plastic bezels that snap onto its frame. For this year, Samsung is introducing a new metallic bezel that sports a Sand Gold finish.

The 2023 The Frame gets a few other upgrades, including a new motion sensor and 16GB of storage space, up from just 8GB previously. Otherwise, you’ll still get the same 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. It supports HDR10+, while the matte screen is designed as an “anti-reflection” layer that helps to reduce the impact of glare. The motion sensor is for detecting when someone walks into the room, enabling the TV to quickly exit standby and resume its art showcasing duties.

Perhaps the biggest change is the Art Store refresh. According to Samsung, users can now enjoy “previews at-a-glance and extended content offerings” that mimic the experience of visiting a museum or art gallery.

The Frame sits in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV collection alongside other models such as The Serif and The Sero. Both of those existing models will carry over into 2023, Samsung said. LG Electronics also has lifestyle TVs of its own, including the Art90 and the Posé, which both offer gallery features but with an OLED display, meaning enhanced picture quality - but maybe not so bright. There could soon be more options for art lovers too, with TCL reportedly considering launching its Art+ prototype in Europe and other markets soon.

U.K. buyers can choose from six size options for the 2023 The Frame, ranging from 32-inches all the way to 85-inches. Prices start at £549 for the smallest model. Note that the 50-inch model is not currently available, but should be soon. The new metallic bezel is available in every size except for the 32-inch model, with prices starting at £89.

The Frame can also be had in Germany on Amazon, with all models available now and prices starting at €685. As for the U.S., unfortunately there’s only a single, 32-inch model to choose from at present, with a price tag of $599. That means the bezels, which start at $99, are only available in wood. The 32-inch metallic Sand Gold bezel will go on sale in June.