Samsung's 85-inch Terrace is its largest outdoor TV yet

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics is increasing the size of its outdoor TV model, the Terrace. It’s now offering an 85-inch, 4K resolution model. It’s the first edition of the Terrace to use a Neo QLED panel with Mini-LED backlights.


Mini-LED is the most advanced kind of LCD display and is capable of achieving higher brightness. It’s this that ensures the Terrace performs as a “full sun” TV, which produces clear pictures even when the screen is hit by direct sunlight, the company said. The Terrace also benefits from an anti-glare coating and Wide Viewing Angle screen, which helps to enhance the pictures for those viewing at an angle.

According to Samsung, the 85-inch Terrace has an IP56 rating, which means it can be installed outside at any time of the year, with full protection from dust, water and the elements. It offers some decent input options too, such as its built-in HD Base-T receiver, which can be used by custom installers to run a single LAN cable to the Terrace, providing a neat and streamlined connection to multiple HDMI sources.

Like many of Samsung’s premium TVs, the new Terrace supports HDR10+ and has a Quantum Processor 4K that allows it to upscale content to 4K resolution to take full advantage of that bigger screen. There’s also a Multiview feature that allows the TV to split its screen to show content from multiple sources at once. Meanwhile, the SolarCell remote is able to charge without any batteries or electricity supply.

Surprisingly, perhaps, the Terrace TV also offers the Samsung Gaming Hub, which provides access to cloud-streamed video games from Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Utomik and Amazon Luna. It supports multiple types of Bluetooth game controllers, and supports low-latency gaming.

The new Terrace looks like a serious upgrade for Samsung’s outdoor TV series. Mini-LED panels can deliver strikingly high brightness, which makes them a great choice for any well-lit environment. Earlier versions of the Terrace used a standard QLED display, so it seems certain that this newer model will deliver even punchier pictures for pubs, restaurants and other venues that require an outdoor display for entertainment or commercial purposes.

Beware that such impressive outdoor viewing capabilities come at a serious cost, though. Samsung has listed an asking price of $19,999 in the U.S., where the 85-inch Terrace is now available to pre-order. It’s a big investment for any business, but then again, it is a very niche product that seems guaranteed to provide a TV picture that’s clear and colourful in almost any situation.