Samsung's new Gamer Training platform aims to enhance your gaming skills

Mike Wheatley

Samsung Electronics is trying to help video game enthusiasts hone their skills with the launch of a new Gamer Training platform that it says can help people of all levels improve their performance. It’s accessible through a new Game Portal and Samsung’s Global YouTube channel, and provides a wealth of content, including analysis and comprehensive guides to AA games created by some of the world’s expert gamers and content creators.


Through the Portal, players can access organised and interactive training activities, tutorials and video workshops, the company said.

For instance, the Level Up Gamer Training section provides a practical approach to sharpening your gaming skills with various tricks and tips on how to defeat each of the bosses you’ll face in Diablo Immortal. It also provides guidance on how to progress in World of Warcraft. Dozens of other games, on PCs, consoles and smartphones, are covered too. Samsung Europe’s chief marketing officer Benjamin Braun said the company’s goal is to help gamers have as much fun as possible through video games. He said Gamer Training contributes to this, giving players the best opportunity to improve their skills and get the most enjoyment out of numerous popular games.

“We are thrilled to partner with amazing trainers and content creators, including Randolph,” he added. “We are also thrilled to partner with Activision Blizzard for this initiative, as we share a common vision of empowering a new generation of ambitious gamers”.

Samsung said it’s partnering with legendary gamers such as QueenE, an expert on Overwatch 2, who previously competed as general manager of the Swedish team in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup. She’s known for her insightful commentary and clever gaming advice.

Other pro gamers include AnnacakeLIVE, a popular Twitch streamer who is considered a master of Diablo, and LittleMoTAC, another top Overwatch 2 streamer. Also contributing to the platform is Rage Darling, a renowned content creator on World of Warcraft.

The Gamer Training Portal also includes a hardware section that provides advice on the best equipment, such as PCs, monitors, televisions and audio devices, to get the most out of your gaming experience. The section covers everything from customising your PC to changing GPUs for better graphics, and info on the best SSD cards. Not surprisingly, Samsung does recommend some of its own TVs and monitors as being among the better options.

TechFlow’s Alex Brooks is Samsung’s official hardware expert, and is known for his meticulous reviews of technology devices, having amassed more than 460,000 followers on social media.

Samsung said Gamer Training is a part of its new “Embrace your Game” initiative that aims to recognize that gamers are a diverse bunch of people and that they don’t all want the same experience. It says that it aims to cater to the gaming crowd with a diverse range of products that players can customize to suit their preferences and style.

Embrace Your Game products include Samsung’s flagship Odyssey OLED G9 monitor, the S23 Ultra Galaxy smartphone and the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED 4K TV.