Sky to launch streaming device for all customers later this year

Mike Wheatley

As has been expected for some time, Sky has announced that it will soon make its handy Sky Stream puck available to buy as a standalone device, allowing users to stream all of its content to their home with the need for a satellite dish or Sky Glass TV.


The puck made its debut last year with the arrival of Sky Glass, the company's branded 4K QLED TV. At the time, Sky Stream was offered as an add-on that customers could buy to extend the benefits of Sky's streaming service to other TVs in the home, similar to Sky's multi room capability.

Somewhat smartly, the broadcaster has decided to sell the Sky Stream puck to anyone who wants one, allowing Sky subscribers to enjoy easier access to its channels without having to buy a brand new TV set.

WIth Sky Stream puck, users will be able to plug it into any TV and gain access to all of Sky's apps, channels and shows, including Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, as well as Sky Atlantic, over the internet rather than through satellite. Users will also benefit from being able to use the same voice controls featured with the Sky Glass TV, plus personal playlists and customized recommendations. In other words, the Sky Stream puck will make older TVs much smarter than they ever were while simultaneously removing the need to hook up bunches of cables to it.

Sky pointed out that because the puck is essentially just a streaming stick, viewers with older TVs won't be able to benefit from the quantum dot screen and 360-degree Dolby Atmos sound that are standout features of the Sky Glass TV. Of course, if you have a compatible TV, or perhaps even a better one - such as an OLED TV, for instance, you'll have access to those features as the puck supports 4K streams at a maximum of 60Hz.

The Sky Stream puck should be attractive to a large number of Sky's existing subscribers, and maybe some new ones, that for whatever reason were not willing to trade in their existing TV.

Sky said it will go on sale "later this year" but hasn't said exactly when. We also don't know how much it will cost, but bear in mind that high-end streaming sticks can go for close to £100 these days. Moreover, existing Sky Glass users have to pay a princely £10 per month for each puck they own. So it's probably not going to be all that cheap.