Sony Bravia TVs add support for the Now TV app

Mike Wheatley

Sony has said that its high-end Bravia TVs dating all the way back to 2016 are getting access to the Now TV app, which has already been available on LG, Samsung and Hisense TVs for quite some time.


Now TV is a video streaming app that’s similar to Netflix. It’s owned by Sky, and provides contract-free access to most of Sky’s premium channels, including entertainment, movies and sports.

The main advantage of signing up for a Now TV subscription is that it doesn’t tie you into a one or two year contract. Instead, you get to pay a daily or monthly fee for access to different types of content. Now TV offers five different passes in total for its Cinema, Entertainment, Kids, Hayu and Sports categories. Most of them are pretty self explanatory, except for Hayu, which is a channel dedicated to reality TV programs.

The passes are all available on a month-by-month subscription with the exception of sports, which can also be purchased for a single day or a week.

Sony said the app is only coming to its Bravia TV range, which includes new models such as its 48-inch Sony A9 4K OLED TV and its 8K flagship Sony ZH8. Unfortunately though, Sony’s lower-end, non-Bravia models will not be getting access to the app, for now at least.

It’s worth noting that the help section on Now TVs website says that only Sony smart TVs running Android TV 7.0 and later will be able to install the app, so if your TV happens to be running an older version, it will need updating first. Still, there are other ways to access the Now TV app on Sony TVs, including through the Xbox One and PS4 games consoles, or streaming devices such as Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Now TVs own devices.

Here’s the full list of supported Sony Bravia TVs:

  • 2020 models: A8 / A9 / XH80 / XH81 / XH85 / XH90 / XH91/ XH92 / XH95 / ZH8
  • 2019 models: AG8 / AG9 / XG80 / XG81 / XG83 / XG85 / XG87 / XG90 / XG95 / ZG9
  • 2018 models: AF8 / AF9 / XF75 / XF80 / XF83 / XF85 / XF90 / ZF9
  • 2017 models: A1 / XE80 / XE83 / XE85 / XE90 / XE93 / XE94
  • 2016 models: SD80 / XD70 / XD75 / XD80 / XD83 / ZD9

The Now TV app is free to download now on supported Sony Bravia TVs via the Google Play Store.