Sony debuts world's smallest 3LCD laser projectors for corporate use

Mike Wheatley

Sony has launched what it says are the world’s smallest-ever WUXGA 3LCD laser projectors, with the upcoming Sony VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51. Nonetheless, they combine some advanced operational functionality with high brightness and flexible installation options, making them a good option for various corporate, educational and entertainment simulation applications.


The Sony VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 projectors are compact, and that should ensure they’re fairly simple to install on classroom and meeting room ceilings with a +55% vertical shift.

The models both provide extremely high brightness levels too, with the VPL-PHZ61 boasting 6,400 lumens and the VPL-PHZ51 delivering up to 5,300 lumens. That should ensure they can project realistic, easy to define images in even the most well-lit conditions.

Also onboard is Sony’s Reality Creation real-time signal processing, mapping and analysis tech, which helps to ensure crisp and clear pictures, enabling more effective presentations and displays, the company said. Meanwhile, Sony’s Reality Text feature should help to improve the quality of text-based presentation materials with clearer letters and lines and enhanced legibility.

They both support 4K at 60Hz input, making them compatible with 4K video sources. Amplifying this further is Reality Creation’s unique ability to enhance the overall sharpness and quality of the images, no matter if its graphs, text or pictures. In addition, Sony said the VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 do not require a converter when they’re used with additional 4K equipment to project 4K content and simultaneously support the deep colours of the HDMI and HDCP2.3 specs.

Other capabilities include what Sony calls “advanced Intelligent Settings”, which help to optimise the picture quality based on the usage environment. Then there’s a customisable Bright View function that makes it possible for colours to accurately maintain their contrast and vivacity under bright conditions. As for the Ambience feature, this works by measuring the brightness of the room via a light sensor, before calibrating the Bright View and Reality Creation’s settings.

“Many of our customers struggle to find display solutions that provide both exceptional high brightness and sophisticated features that can enhance their content and overall user experience,” said Robert Meakin, European product manager, professional displays & solutions, Sony. “We don’t want our customer to compromise on any of these asks, which is why we’ve built upon our existing legacy in developing feature-rich laser projectors, to provide compact and advanced projectors to the market. These projectors really are world-class in their technology, quality, and design.”

Sony said the VPL-PHZ61 and VPL-PHZ51 projectors will go on sale in early 2023.