Sony offers free PlayStation Store digital codes with its new Bravia XR TVs

Mike Wheatley

Sony Electronics is trying to win the hearts of video gamers with its latest TV promotion. The company is offering free PlayStation Store digital codes worth £50 to anyone who buys one of its new Bravia XR TVs within the next two months.


The new 2021 Sony Bravia XR TVs are absolute beasts when it comes to gaming, sporting a number of exciting new technologies that are designed to enhance the experience when playing next-consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Sony’s new Bravia XR gaming TVs all equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports, and it's this that enables the magic. As soon as a PS5 console is connected to the TV via one of its HDMI 2.1 ports, a special Game Mode is automatically be enabled so users can enjoy smooth and responsive gaming with ultra-low input lag on compatible titles in 4K at 120 frames per second. Other HDMI 2.1 features, such as Auto Low Latency Mode, Variable Refresh Rate and enhanced Audio Return Channel, all combine to deliver a superior experience.

Gamers will also see more impressive graphics thanks to the new Cognitive Processor XR, which Sony said adds a layer of “cognitive intelligence” atop of its existing artificial intelligence-based processing smarts.

The chip helps the new Bravia XR TVs to understand content in a more human way, detecting and enhancing the focal points of whatever is on screen by examining key elements within the source material such as the colour, contrast, depth, detail and texture, in multiple zones. That information is then cross-analysed with metadata within and between each frame, similar to how the human brain functions. With this, Sony says it can increase the brightness in the right parts of the picture and make the contrast appear more realistic, resulting in a far superior image overall.

The sound is more immersive too, thanks to Sony’s new Sound-from-Picture Reality technology. This works by vibrating the panel to produce sound directly from it. The effect is further enhanced as Sound-from-Picture is combined with actuators help to ensure better sound positioning too. The Cognitive Processor XR aids in this further, analysing the sound position in the signal so it can match it precisely with what it sees on the screen. The audio can also be upconverted into 3D surround sound to make games players feel as if they’ve literally been plunged into their virtual world.

Sony said that all of its high-end Bravia XR TVs support the new Game Mode, including its newest OLED models, the Sony Bravia XR A90J that's fitted with a brighter panel and offers extremely impactful HDR, and the more affordable A80J that uses an older OLED panel. For those who want more detail, look no further than Sony’s 8K Bravia XR ZJ9, which is a super-stylish LED LCD model that offers much higher resolution. Sony’s premium 4K LCD models, such as the Sony Bravia XR X95J and X94J, also offer the advanced gaming features.

Sony said that the free PlayStation Store digital codes will be available to all buyers of eligible Bravia XR TVs at participating retailers from now until July 31.