Sony's 2023 TVs available now in the U.K., but no QD-OLED yet

Mike Wheatley

The vast majority of Sony’s 2023 TVs are going on sale in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., but there’s a notable absence in the shape of its flagship A95L QD-OLED TV, which will only arrive later in the summer.


Sony is notably doing things differently this year. Whereas it has traditionally always announced its new TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, this year it chose to wait until March. In addition, it also failed to announce any new 8K models this year.

With the Sony A95L being delayed for the moment, the most premium TV that can be had now is the Sony A80L OLED TV (check our video review below), which first went on sale in the U.S. last month. It’s now available in the U.K. and Europe in 55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inch sizes. The Sony A80L is the successor to last year’s Sony A80K, and is a comparatively affordable 4K WOLED TV that uses a panel supplied by LG Display. It comes with Google TV and supports Dolby Vision, and will compete with second-tier OLED models from LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips and other companies.

Also available now are two new Mini-LED TVs, including the Sony X95L and the Sony X93L TVs. The latter model is currently exclusive to U.S. buyers only, and comes in 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, with prices starting at $2,199.

As for the Sony X95L, this can be had throughout Europe in 65-, 75- and 85-inch size options, with prices starting at £2,799 for the smallest screen. It succeeds last year’s Sony X95K and comes with more local dimming zones, higher brightness and superior contrast, the company claims. It’s also available in the U.S., but at present only in the 85-inch size, priced at $5,799.

Next up is the Sony X90L, a regular LCD TV which also offers improved local dimming and comes in five different sizes - 55-, 65-, 75-, 85- and 98-inches. It’s on sale in Europe now and will arrive in the U.S. later, with prices starting at £1,599.

That’s followed by the Sony X85L LCD TV, which comes in three sizes with the smallest 55-inch model starting at £1,399, the Sony X80L in five sizes starting at £999 for the 43-inch model and the Sony X75WL, which is also available in five sizes, starting at £699.

While the X85L, X80L and X75WL are available in the U.K., Europe and Asia, there are no confirmed U.S. launch dates for any of these models yet.