TCL's C825 and C728 LCD TVs are now 'Calman Ready'

Mike Wheatley

TCL is teaming up with Portrait Displays in order to make it possible for users to auto-calibrate its high end 4K LCD TVs using Calman software.


The announcement is sure to pique the interest of anyone that’s interested in achieving extremely high accuracy in terms of colour reproduction. Calman is the world’s most popular display calibration software, used to verify the performance of professional monitors and TVs and ensure the picture they display is 100% accurate across the screen.

Calman is known to be used by some of Hollywood’s leading colour professionals, helping them to streamline the various calibration methods used to perfect on-screen images.

TCL said its new TCL C728 and C825 TVs are now “Calman Ready”, following the footsteps of companies such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic and Sony, which have also made their premium TVs compatible with the software.

The Calman Ready tag is an effective guarantee that the display is able to communicate seamlessly with the Calman software, ensuring it can be calibrated easily to improve colour accuracy and quality.

“Thanks to world leading auto calibration software from Portrait Displays, our 2021 premium LCD TV sets can fully utilize its calibration capabilities of Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, SDR formats thanks to 3D LUT 17x17x17,” explained TCL Europe Product Development Director Marek Maciejewski. “It means that up to 4934 calibration points can be used to help professional calibrators and consumer to enjoy picture with extremely low color errors, all fully automated and quick.”

TCL launched its C825 and C728 models in Europe in the spring. Around that time Portrait Displays introduced a new version of Calman featuring the Aurora colour engine that relies on Unity Grayscale technology to enable some key improvements. For example, Unity Grayscale enables 3D neutral spline bypass when using a 1D LUT and 3D LUT for calibration, helping to achieve significant improvements such as the reduction or complete elimination of posterisation and banding. It also improves the MatrixLUT formula for calibration, adds 13pt to fixed grid options and additional support for patchsets.

By integrating Calman Ready with the new C728 Series and Mini LED TV C825 Series calibration is made easy, consistent, and automated," said Eric Brumm, President & CEO of Portrait Displays.

Interested users should be warned auto-calibration is not quite as simple as buying the software and clicking “calibrate”. A supported colourimeter such as the X-Rite i1Display, X-Rite i1Pro or Spyder 5 is also required, as is the Calman Home app.