UK Viewers say Apollo Moon Landings are TV's Most Iconic Moment

Mike Wheatley

Samsung is hoping for a giant leap in QLED TV sales after publishing the results of a survey of UK viewers which shows that the Apollo 11 moon landings were the most iconic moment in TV history.


The survey found that 63% of the UK believes there “hasn’t been a more iconic TV moment” since Neil Armstrong took his first fateful steps onto the lunar surface. Interestingly enough, the survey results were published just one day before the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, an event that Samsung has already latched onto with its latest advertising campaign for its QLED 8K TVs. As we reported in May, the company recently launched a new “Making History” TV commercial featuring content from CNN Film’s upcoming APOLLO 11 documentary film, which is set to be broadcast by CNN on June 23 and will be sponsored by the Korean firm.

We’re not saying the survey was fixed, but the results are certainly convenient for Samsung, which also took the opportunity remind us of the merits of its QLED TVs.

“From picture quality to design, Samsung QLED enables incredible experiences, both on earth and beyond, to be experienced and enjoyed in accurate and life-like screen resolution," the company said.

Still, we can forgive Samsung simply because its survey helps to remind us of some of the most important TV moments in recent history. After all, who can forget the traumatic yet spectacular 9/11 attacks in New York, which was voted as the second most iconic TV footage in history? Or another great moment in history, the fall of the Berlin wall, which marked the end of communism in Eastern Europe?

There have been plenty of other great moments that show us why we should be thankful we have a television on which to experience them first hand, such as England winning its one and only World Cup title in 1966. Equally, there have been just as many heart rending moments too, such as Princess Diana’s funeral, which was the fourth most iconic moment according to UK viewers.

“TV technology has been essential in bringing the world together to experience critical moments in modern history” said Guy Kinnell, Vice President, TV & AV Samsung Electronics UK Ltd. “As we mark the 50th anniversary of Samsung Electronics and the first steps on the moon by mankind, it’s by looking back at some of the most iconic TV and cinematic moments from the past we can only wonder what the next 50 years may hold for the future of television and technology.”