Vestel TV remote app launches on Android and iOS

Mike Wheatley

Anyone in Europe who owns a Vestel-made TV may be interested to check out the company’s TV Smart Centre remote control app, which is now available to download on Android and iOS.


Vestel may not be a household name but it’s actually a massive player in the TV producion industry. The Turkish firm is an original equipment manufacturer that makes TVs for numerous well-known brands, including the likes of Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba and Finlux.

Vestel said the TV Smart Centre app allows for more personalised control than what is possible with the regular remote that comes with its TVs, along with fast access to TV listings, apps and screen share functionality.

Within the app are five sections – Home, Guide, Remote, Applications and Settings. The Home screen is essentially a dashboard that users will see on their mobile that offers up menus with content segmented according to genre. It also provides a synopsis of each show or movie, as well as details on its cast, if available. There are also Primetime and For You sections that highlight upcoming programmes and recommendations that may interest users based on their viewing habits.

Vestel says the app offers various customisable viewing options with single taps of appropriate buttons to record a show or set a reminder. The app can also mirror saved videos from the phone to the TV, plus music and photos.

On the Home screen there’s also a Follow Me TV function that allows users to tune into live TV from any connected smartphone that’s within range of the home Wi-Fi network.

In the Remote section are the expected functions, such as buttons to play or pause content, plus a search bar for those who want to type, and a voice search function for those who’d rather just say it directly. It even includes a power button to turn the TV on and off.

Within the Guide section, this provides TV listings, while the Apps screen provides one-click access to streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten, Twitch and Red Bull TV, which was the latest addition to Vestel TVs in October.

“Whether you prefer to search by voice, touch, or traditional D-pad, the TV Smart Centre app gives you more personalised control, enabling you to choose the search styles that work best for you from your own connected mobile device,” promised Vestel’s vice president of marketing and product management, Barış Altınkaya.

Vestel said the app will work with the following TV brands: Andersson, Aya, Bush, Celcus, Cranker, Digihome, Dual, Eas Electric, Edenwood, Elbe, Electriq, Electronia, Felson, Finlux, Gogen, Hanseatic, Hi-Level, Hitachi, Hyundai, Infiniton, JVC, Kendo, Kubo, Kunft, Laurus, Linsar, Luxor, Medion, Mitchell & Brown, Mitsai, Nabo, Nexon, Nikkei, Ok, Onwa, Orava, Polaroid, Qilive, Saba, Salora, SchaubLorenz, Seg, Selecline, Silva Schneider, Sulpice, Sunfeel, Svan, Technical, Techwood, Telefunken, Turbox, Vanguard, Vox, Walker, Westwood and Wonder.