Dragon TV To Power Voice Control On Panasonic’s 2012 TVs

Nuance Communications, a leading speech recognition software company, has announced that its Dragon TV platform is set to improve the usability and accessibility of digital content on Panasonic’s 2012 Viera HDTV displays. Dragon TV has been adopted for Panasonic digital TVs in order to create and provide a more interactive experience for users when it comes to voice control.

Panasonic's 2012 TV
Dragon TV to power voice control on Panasonic’s 2012 TVs

By using Nuance’s Dragon voice technology, Panasonic will be able to offer access to a lineup of innovative televisions that will transform the Digital Living Room. The voice capabilities will make interaction far easier for consumers, and will add to the enhanced capabilities and features that are being offered these days by the increasingly Smart TVs that are being brought to market.

In addition to advanced features on HDTVs, consumers also have access to a far greater amount of content these days, which has created an increased need for television manufacturers to provide a more interactive experience for consumers when it comes to media and content. This is something that Panasonic will now be able to do by incorporating Dragon TV to power voice control on its 2012 Viera models.

Panasonic’s group manager of TV product planning Hiroyuki Iwaki said that TVs are now firmly at the centre of the modern digital living room, with consumers having access to huge amounts of entertainment and media content. However, he added that the content is “only as powerful as the experience and the ability for consumers to access it”.

The Dragon TV platform is designed to make it easier for viewers to find and access content such as shows and movies, providing them with a more fun, convenient and interactive experience. Dragon TV is said to provide a “lean-back experience” for customers, as it will enable them to find and access content purely by voice.