Epson Launch EH-LS10000 “4K” Laser Projector at £5999

Mike Wheatley

Leading projector manufacturer Epson has announced the release of its first-ever laser home cinema projector in the shape of the EH-LS10000. The new model, which features Ultra HD 4K enhancement and 3LCD Reflective technology, is said to deliver what the company claims is the “ultimate in picture quality”.

Epson EH-LS10000

The new 1080p full HD LS10000 was shown off at the ISE 2015 exhibition in Amsterdam. Paul Wilson, Product Manager of Epson UK, said the projector was targeted at “aspirational home cinema enthusiasts”, and explained how it utilises a dual laser light source to provide the widest gamut of colors and Absolute Black, along with equally high Colour and White light output.

The dual-laser tech is interesting, because it means the display device doesn’t require regular lamp bulb changes, unlike Sony’s similarly-priced VPL-VW300ES projector. But of course, ultra high-definition (UHD) enthusiasts will note with concern that the EH-LS10000 only offers pseudo-4K from a 1080p panel, much like JVC’s e-shift projectors, as opposed to the true “native 4K” resolution of Sony’s VW300.

But not everyone cares for “true” 4K anyway, and the Epson EH-LS10000’s durability may well prove too tempting for some. That’s because the Epson model comes with the advantage of a long-life light source that offers up to 30,000 hours when used in Eco mode – a setting that also minimises maintenance requirements and lets it power up ready to project images inside 20 seconds. Epson claims the LS10000 is also remarkably easy to position, thanks to the inclusion of a wide lens shift range, powered zoom lens and lens position memory presets for various screen aspect rations.

“Our new laser projector is Epson’s first home cinema product to harness the power of this high-quality technology,” beamed an enthusiastic Wilson.

Epson says the EH-LS10000 will go on sale in the United Kingdom at the beginning of April, with retail price confirmed at a tantalising £5,999.