Freeview Trials Recommended Broadcast Lists for BBC & Channel 4

Mike Wheatley

Freeview is testing a new ‘Recommended Recordings’ service for Freeview+ affecting both the BBC and Channel 4. As of this week, the two broadcasters will now be able to recommend different types of programmes for viewers to record, based on their previous viewing history.

Freeview TV
Freeview trials recommended broadcast lists for BBC & Channel 4

It’s a small update, but for the millions of Freeview viewers in the UK it could turn out to be a very handy one, especially during events like the Olympic Games or World Cup when it becomes difficult to keep up with all the coverage on TV. Alternatively, it could be just as handy whenever there’s a new TV series or a re-run of one of your favorite movies or shows.

With the new service, the BBC and Channel 4 will be able to look at your previous viewing history and then build lists of recommended programmes you may want to record. Should you agree with their suggestion, all it takes is one click and Freeview+ will automatically schedule them for recording.

Freeview is calling the new service “Broadcast Record Lists”. For now, the service is still being tested (hence it’s only available for those two channels) in order to ascertain its viability and make sure it doesn’t cause any problems with anything else. Freeview hasn’t said how long this trial period might last, but so long as it all runs smoothly it shouldn’t be too long for ITV and Channel 5 to get in on the act. Eventually, Freeview is hoping that the vast majority of free-to-air channels will sign up for the service.

There are no immediate plans to build Broadcast Record Lists into Freeview+, but it’s believed that Freeview is in discussions with set-top box manufacturers about how to do so. As to when it might finally roll out, that’s still anyone’s guess, but we’re sure looking forward to the day it does.

Source: Recombu