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Samsung UE40B7020 / UE40B7000 Review

Even though Samsung has produced and sold LED-backlit flat screen HDTVs for some time now, 2009 marks the year when the world’s largest electronics manufacturer starts marketing them under a new “LED TV” moniker to distinguish them from conventional CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. Here’s the scheduled lineup of Samsung LED-backlit LCD TVs (otherwise referred to as “LED TVs” in this article ... Read More »

Samsung UE40B8000 Review

Samsung’s decision not to release a local-dimming variant of their much-advertised “LED TVs” in the United Kingdom this year meant that the B8000 range remains the flagship model on top of their pile of LED-based LCD televisions. Like the B7000 series we tested more than 6 months ago, the Samsung UE40B8000 HDTV we are reviewing today employs the “Edge LED” ... Read More »

Samsung UE40B7020 Settings

Here are the final settings for the Samsung UE40B7000 review sample we tested, calibrated from a high-definition source using HDMI input in accordance with video industry standards in a dimly-lit environment suitable for critical viewing. These calibrated settings should also be applicable to the Samsung UE40B7020 LED-backlit LCD TV, seeing that the only difference between the two models is cosmetic. ... Read More »

Samsung LE55A956 Review

At a time when other big brands like Sony and Philips were scampering to jump on the LED backlight bandwagon, Samsung was already readying its second generation for public consumption, having been the first electronics manufacturer to release an affordable consumer-grade LED-backlit LCD HDTV – the F96 – last year. A couple of months ago, our review of the entry-level ... Read More »

Samsung LE40A786 Review

As one of the world leaders in LCD technology, it’s not surprising that Samsung’s range of LCD TVs contains an intimidating number of models. The company has so many flat screen televisions, sometimes with only small variations, that it can be difficult to keep track of, let alone choose between them. The Samsung LE40A786 is special, however, as it features ... Read More »