LG Releases 3D Games Optimised For Cinema 3D Smart TVs

Korean TV manufacturer LG Electronics has just announced a major expansion of its multimedia offering, with the addition of 3D games available to download directly to its Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

LG Smart TV
LG releases 3D games optimised for Cinema 3D Smart TVs

With an initial offering of five titles, each of the games has been specially optimised for LG’s extra-dimensional platform, having previously only been available in 2D on mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones. For the first time ever, consumers will be able to play some of their favorite games in eye-popping 3D on their HDTV screen.

What’s more, these are not second-rate titles whipped up by the Seoul-headquartered conglomerate, but rather, some of the most popular mobile games around, including Air Penguin, which was one of the most-downloaded games in the US last year; Burn The City; Frisbee Forever; Diversion; and Downhill Bowling 2.

Havis Kwon, CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Division, said that bringing 3D gaming to the Smart TV platform is an exciting step for the company:

“We want families to add a new dimension to their immersive experience, playing gripping games in 3D together for the first time – it’s a whole new experience.”

LG’s first offering of established games will soon be followed up by a number of unique titles that have been developed exclusively for its Cinema 3D Smart televisions, as the company looks to fulfill its commitment to realising Smart TVs’ potential as an alternative gaming platform.

Gameplay is sure to be a seamless experience thanks to LG’s Magic Remote, which features an ergonomic design that makes it easy and intuitive to use. Gamers will be able to enjoy a fully immersive experience like no other with lightweight and comfortable polarized 3D glasses, while the firm promises that fatigue and discomfort will be kept to a minimum thanks to its innovative Flicker-Free technology, ensuring longer playing times.

LG’s first batch of five 3-dimensional games is now available to download via the LG Smart World internet-connected portal in all 13 countries that currently enjoy the company’s paid services, including the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia and the USA.