LG Unveils 47LD950C 3D TV & 42LE530C LED TV For Hotel Use

Vincent Teoh

LG Electronics has unveiled the 47LD950C and the 42LE530C – respectively the company’s first 3D TV and LED TV models designed for commercial use in the hospitality industry – at this year’s International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show held at the Javits Center in New York City this week. By introducing such innovative products equipped with some of the latest display technologies, LG is seeking to cement its position as one of the world’s foremost supplier of flat-screen HDTVs to hotels worldwide.

LG 47LD950C

The LG 47LD950C is a full HD 3D LCD TV that aims to deliver a luxurious 3D viewing experience for hotel guests away from the usual 3D outlets such as 3D cinemas. The tri-dimensional technology deployed on the LG 47LD950C is the passive 3D rather than the active shutter variant. This means that instead of wearing more expensive active shutter 3D glasses to watch 3D content, viewers can use polarised 3D glasses which are much cheaper and easier to replace in case of damage or loss. As the only major TV manufacturer that markets both active and passive 3D TVs, LG clearly feels that the latter is more suitable in the public setting.

Featuring a quoted dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and a polished black styling, the LG 47LD950C passive 3D TV will be available in the USA from the 6th of December, each unit shipping with four pairs of compatible polarised 3D glasses.

Any specific difference to the consumer-grade LG 47LD950 remains unknown at this point, although the commercial version will probably have cloning capability for easier set-up on a massive scale, and built-in hotel logo display functionality. Because the LG 47LD950C is likely to be installed in communal areas in addition to executive suites, a large number of hotel guests should be exposed to 3D technology first-hand, which may in turn stimulate domestic 3DTV sales.

LG 42LE530C

At the trade show for the hospitality industry, LG has also launched the LE530C series, the company’s first commercial LED TV range. Three screen sizes are available: the 42-inch LG 42LE530C, the 47-inch LG 47LE530C, and the 55-inch LG 55LE530C. Armed with Edge LED backlight technology, the LG 42LE530C, 47LE530C and 55LE530C all boast a claimed contrast ratio of 3 million to 1, super-slim chassis, and superior energy efficiency for use in hotel rooms.