LG's wireless M4 OLED TV goes on sale globally

Mike Wheatley
LG's wireless M4 OLED TV goes on sale globally

LG Electronics this week announced the imminent availability of the “premium” version of its flagship OLED television this year, saying the LG M4 OLED TV will be available to buy in major markets worldwide in the coming days.

The LG M4 is the successor to last year’s LG M3 OLED TV, which was often referred to as a “wireless” OLED television. While it must still be plugged into an electrical socket, all of the other cables and leads that one might traditionally use to hook up external devices can instead be plugged into a separate, wireless connection box that can be hidden from view.

LG dubs this box the “Zero Connect Box”, and it’s clearly based on the One Connect Box that comes with Samsung’s flagship TVs. The difference is that Samsung’s One Connect aggregates all of the cables into a single cable that runs to the TV, whereas LG eliminates that.

According to LG, the Zero Connect Box means users will gain more flexibility to arrange their living spaces without having to worry about the hassle and clutter of cables strewn across the floor, behind furniture, nailed to the walls and painted over etc.


The LG G-series OLED TVs are a step up from what is generally considered to be the company’s flagship model – the LG OLED G-series TVs. But apart from the Zero Connect Box and the additional wall mounting flexibility, the M4 is basically the same as the LG G4 OLED TV, featuring the second-generation Micro Lens Array panel that provides increased brightness compared to standard OLED. Though, it should be pointed out that the 2nd gen MLA is notably omitted from the biggest, 97-inch M4, which instead uses a first-generation MLA panel that also increases brightness, but not quite as much.

The M-series OLED models are often called the spiritual successor to the company’s W-series “wallpaper” OLED TVs, which were designed to be wall mounted exclusively. That series was discontinued, and the M-series models then emerged as a continuation of that design.

Because the LG M4 uses an older OLED panel, it means the 97-inch version cannot hit the same heights as the LG G4 in terms of its refresh rate. The smaller M4 TVs are all capable of 4K@144Hz, whereas the 97-incher can only achieve 4K@120Hz.

Like the G4 TVs, the M4 is powered by the new LG Alpha 11 processor, which supports superior AI-powered image processing and sharpening capabilities and audio enhancements.

LG said the M4 OLED TVs are rolling out in “major markets” globally from July 1, with four size options available. So far, it has only revealed pricing in euros, with the 65-inch model costing €5,000, the 77-inch version priced at €7,300, the 83-inch screen tagged at €9,700 and the biggest 97-inch display on sale for a cool €34,700.

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