Microsoft Gaming Executive Cool On 3D Games

A Microsoft executive in the company’s game development division has publicly knocked the importance of 3D gaming, resorting to unflattering phrases like “weird disconnect” and “science experiment” to describe the much-talked about technology.

Phil Spencer is the corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, who boasts tons of experience in developing and marketing video game titles. Speaking to the CNN, he revealed that Microsoft remains unconvinced about the mass market penetration of 3D TVs, which is why the company has thus far refrained from committing a whole lot of resources into pushing 3D games.

Claiming that there aren’t enough 3D TVs in households to really make 3D games work, Mr Spencer said that Microsoft prefers to provide entertainment that appeals to a wider audience. He also criticised the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses in order to enjoy 3D content on the current batch of 3D TVs. This is the reason why the glasses-free Nintendo 3DS portable handheld gaming device gets his approval: Mr Spencer said he “liked” the concept behind the Nintendo 3DS even though he hadn’t seen it in action.

In another subtle dig at Sony, Mr Spencer explained that while other companies may be pushing 3D games because they have 3D TVs to shift, Microsoft has no such vested interest. Sony has put a lot of effort into populating the 3D ecosystem, ranging from releasing 3D games and 3D Blu-ray titles to beefing up the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) with 3D functionalities and selling glasses-requiring 3D TV models.

However, Microsoft hasn’t totally slammed the door shut on 3D gaming. Conceding that 3D still has a role in gaming entertainment, Mr Spencer said that Microsoft won’t be neglecting 3D, and will continue to invest in 3D research and development (R&D). A number of video game titles can be experienced in 3D on the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform, such as Avatar, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Source: CNN