Oakley Debuts Optically Correct 3D Glasses

Oakley is aiming to change the 3D viewing experience for cinema-goers every where by introducing its own brand of 3D glasses called Oakley 3D Gascan. Unlike the 3D glasses people are used to in movie theatres, the Oakley 3D Gascan glasses aim for optical correctness. Oakley used an exclusive technology called HDO-3D to correct several problems with traditional 3D glasses. The new Oakley 3D glasses will eliminate the overlapping images among other issues associated with 3D viewing.

In addition to using their own technology, Oakley worked with other experts to develop the glasses. The Oakley 3D Gascan glasses not only solve the optical issues of other 3D glasses but also address lens curvature. The result is a pair of glasses that will revolutionise the 3D movie experience. Instead of using the glasses a movie theatre a person can bring the new Oakley glasses with them to the movies. By doing so, they will be treated to crisper and clearer picture.

The Oakley 3D Gascan glasses will also adhere to Oakley’s standards of style. They will initially be available in black and white. While traditional 3D glasses have moved away from the red and blue paper frames, they still don’t hold much visual appeal. Most glasses at theatres are yellow or blue. Oakley is hoping to make people feel like they don’t look ridiculous when wearing them. The glasses will cost a little over US $100 and be available at Oakley stores and Sunglass Hut. That may be a high price considering the limited use of the glasses, but the company hopes the advanced technology is enough to sell customers.

While the Oakley 3D glasses may look good, they aren’t designed for day-to-day use. People shouldn’t wear them in the sun and expect the same protection that other sunglasses offer. Also, the 3D Gascan glasses aren’t designed for 3D TV viewing. That is something Oakley hopes to address for future versions of the 3D glasses.