Philips 37PFL9632 Review

Philips 37PFL9632

The Philips 37PFL9632D review is now complete. Due to popular demand, I have added an “Input Lag” test under the “Benchmark” section, which will be performed on all the HDTVs we review in the future (whenever feasible). The methodology is as follows:

  • A DVI-HDMI signal is sent from a HTPC to a HDMI distribution amplifier
  • The HDMI signals from the distribution amplifier are fed to the HDTV under review and a separate reference screen*
  • An online stopwatch program with milisecond precision is run on the HTPC
  • A camera with a shutter speed of 1/1000s or faster is used to capture the lag between the 2 screens

* Ideally the reference screen should be a CRT which in theory exhibits the least input lag at baseline, but unfortunately I don’t own one that accepts HDMI input. That said, as long as the same HDTV is used as reference point, then this should provide a consistent framework for comparison. I am using a Samsung LE52F96BD set to [Game Mode], because this set is likely to be with me for some time.


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