Samsung LE40M86BD Settings

Offloaded the Samsung LE40M86BD today… can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness because this panel has truly been outstanding. Anyway, here are our post-calibration settings for HD over HDMI in a dimly lit environment. Usual caveats apply: using our settings on your own LE40M86BD/ LE40M87BDX by no means guarantee an accurate picture due to different ambient light level, different input source; there may be intra-model variations, or you’re simply used to (and prefer) non-D65 images.

Picture Submenu

Mode: Movie
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 50
Sharpness: 30
Colour: 51
Tint: 50
Colour Tone: Warm2
Backlight: 1*
Size: Just Scan
Digital NR: Off
Active Colour: Off
DNIe: Off
Movie Plus: Off

Detailed Settings

Black Adjust: Off
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Gamma: -1*
Edge Enhancement: Off
Colour Space: Wide
xvYCC: On

White Balance

R-Offset: 17
G-Offset: 15
B-Offset: 11
R-Gain: 4
G-Gain: 14
B-Gain: 30

Setup Submenu

Energy Saving: Low
HDMI Black Level: Low


  • Backlight could be increased up to 4 to boost shadow detail or in brighter environment, but absolute black level will be higher and clouds may be visible
  • Similarly, gamma can be increased up to +1 at the expense of image contrast

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