Samsung PS50P96FDX Review

Vincent Teoh

… and what’s happening to HDTVTest.

With the purchase (and subsequent sale) of the Pioneer PDP4280XD, I’ve officially depleted my HDTV purchase fund. Fortunately HDTVTest’s stature as an independent HDTV review portal is starting to be recognised by manufacturers and retailers. After many emails and phone calls, a couple of them have agreed to send out review samples to me… which is how I’m able to review the Samsung PS50P96FDX full HD 1080p plasma television.

To keep HDTVTest growing, I’m extremely pleased to announce the welcome addition of a new reviewer to our stable – Andrew Fee. We first corresponded when Andrew discussed some calibration techniques on our forum… since then I’ve been very impressed with his knowledge of video calibration. Some of you may have read his insightful posts on various forums where he goes by his own name. Andrew has also bought, used and sold ten HDTVs in recent months, giving him more experience than most when a point of reference/ comparison is needed.

Between both of us we have a few televisions lined up to review, but this is entirely subject to the whims of the manufacturers. The HDTV that’s topping the VIP Poll at the moment is the Panasonic PZ700 1080p plasma, but Panasonic has indicated that their limited number of review samples are doing the rounds at major magazines like What Hifi and Home Cinema Choice currently… it may be 3-4 months down the road before they can send it to me.

Now I want to review the PZ700, and I know that many people will want to read the review. But this particular plasma is not cheap, and I’m bound to lose a wad when selling it as second-hand. Unless enough donation is collected to cover the loss, or someone agrees to take the TV off my hands in its calibrated form at/ near the price I paid, I’m afraid we will all just have to wait.