Samsung Smart TVs Get First Dibs On BBC News App Connected TV Rollout

Internet-connected televisions, such as Samsung Smart TV sets, are already providing a range of benefits to users, and continuous advancements will ensure that they keep on offering innovative services and content to consumers. This week saw yet another functionality added to the growing list of web-connected services, as the BBC announced that it has launched a news app for IETV (internet-enabled television) displays, allowing viewers to enjoy video news clips from the internet on their own home TV screens.

BBC News

Existing video and text content from the BBC News Online service will be combined with this new BBC News app. Its initial launch is going to take place on Samsung Smart TVs which are riding high in popularity at the moment (two million units were sold globally in three months since launch). Whilst the Korean HDTV manufacturer gets the first bite of the cherry, the application will eventually be rolled out to other internet-connected devices over a period of time.

The Beeb is keen to make its BBC Online services available for use on various consumer electronics products like smartphones, tablets and computers, stating that amongst other things this offers greater value-for-money as part of the organisation’s commitment to British residents who pay TV license fee. The internet-connected television market is a rapidly growing one, and this BBC News app launch will help the UK public broadcaster tap into this sector.

It is thought that by the end of 2016 nearly 36 million web-enabled TVs will be used in homes across the UK, reflecting how popular this type of content and service is likely to become. The new app will serve as a complementary service alongside the BBC 24-hour news channel. There will be editorial staff who work around the clock to update the news video clips which can be easily initiated, paused and stopped on demand using the remote control.

Samsung Smart TV owners can now access the BBC News application from within the Samsung Apps store without any charge. At a later stage, the app will be released internationally by BBC Worldwide in an ad-supported format.