Sony KDL-40EX723 3DTV & KDL-32CX523 LCD TV To Hit UK Stores Next Week

Vincent Teoh

Multizone AV Sony KDL40EX723

The initial batch of 2011 HDTV models from Sony is due to hit UK stores next week, our sources in the industry have revealed. In the past, the first Bravia LCD televisions to arrive in spring were the entry-level and midrange sets (the Japanese TV manufacturer usually reserves the high-end models for a summer/ autumn launch), and this year is no different. That said, 2011 sees an interesting addition in the form of the Sony KDL-40EX723, an entry-level 3D TV priced below the psychologically-important £1000 mark.


Sony KDL-40EX723

The EX723 is the first series in the company’s ESSENTIAL range (which focuses on affordability rather than outright picture quality) of Bravia LCD TVs to boast 3D capabilities. Just like all Sony 3D TVs for 2011, every EX723 model will have a 3D sync transmitter built-in (last year the company sold the transmitters separately) for three-dimensional viewing. Five screen sizes are available:

Size (inch)Model NameAlternative NameRRP
32Sony KDL-32EX723Sony KDL32EX723B, KDL32EX723BU£749
37Sony KDL-37EX723Sony KDL37EX723B, KDL37EX723BU£899
40Sony KDL-40EX723Sony KDL40EX723B, KDL40EX723BU£999
46Sony KDL-46EX723Sony KDL46EX723B, KDL46EX723BU£1399
55Sony KDL-55EX723Sony KDL55EX723B, KDL55EX723BU£1699

Other features on the Sony KDL32EX723, KDL37EX723, KDL40EX723, KDL46EX723 and KDL55EX723 include edge LED backlight technology, 100Hz motion and integrated Freeview HD tuner. These 3D LED TV displays are also equipped with the firm’s Bravia Internet Video web-connected portal, granting access to catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer, social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as a built-in Opera web browser for unrestricted internet surfing.


The Sony EX724 series is a slight step up from the EX723, providing built-in wireless functionality, therefore saving owners the need to purchase a separate UWA-BR100 USB dongle for wifi connectivity. Like the EX723, 5 screen sizes are available, each costing roughly £50 extra compared to the equivalent EX723 model:

Size (inch)Model NameAlternative NameRRP
32Sony KDL-32EX724Sony KDL32EX724B, KDL32EX724BU£799
37Sony KDL-37EX724Sony KDL37EX724B, KDL37EX724BU£949
40Sony KDL-40EX724Sony KDL40EX724B, KDL40EX724BU£1049
46Sony KDL-46EX724Sony KDL46EX724B, KDL46EX724BU£1449
55Sony KDL-55EX724Sony KDL55EX724B, KDL55EX724BU£1749


Sony KDL-32CX523

The Sony CX523 LCD TV series seems to be the direct successor to the outgoing EX403 series, featuring a full HD native screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, traditional CCFL backlighting, no additional motion-compensated frame interpolation (i.e. only 50Hz), and inbuilt Freeview HD Tuner. The CX523 series comes in two screen sizes, namely the 32-inch KDL-32CX523 and the 40-inch KDL-40CX523:

Size (inch)Model NameAlternative NameRRP
32Sony KDL-32CX523Sony KDL32CX523B, KDL32CX523BU£500
40Sony KDL-40CX523Sony KDL40CX523B, KDL40CX523BU£700

Sony also offers a step-down range in the shape of the CX520 series which lacks integrated Freeview HD tuner, but given that each CX520 LCD television is only around £50 cheaper than the corresponding CX523 model, most buyers will probably opt for the Freeview-HD-ready CX523. The Bravia CX520 is available in 2 sizes: the 32-inch KDL-32CX520 and the 40-inch KDL-40CX520.