Sony KDL40EX503/KDL32EX403 Launched

Vincent Teoh

Sony KDL40EX503

Sony’s 2010 batch of Bravia HDTVs is due to hit UK stores anytime soon, starting with the Sony KDL40EX503 LCD television which spec-wise replaces the immensely popular KDL40W5500.

Update 4 June 2010: We have published a comprehensive review of the Sony KDL40EX503U HDTV.

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The EX503 series is part of Sony’s new Bravia ESSENTIAL (read: affordable) range. Five screen sizes of these Sony TVs are available:

Size (inch)Model NameAlternative NameRRP
32Sony KDL32EX503Sony KDL-32EX503, KDL32EX503U£700
37Sony KDL37EX503Sony KDL-37EX503, KDL37EX503U£800
40Sony KDL40EX503Sony KDL-40EX503, KDL40EX503U£900
46Sony KDL46EX503Sony KDL-46EX503, KDL46EX503U£1250
55Sony KDL55EX503Sony KDL-55EX503, KDL55EX503U£1500

Note: Retailers like Dixons, Comet, John Lewis and Amazon may sell these Sony Bravia EX503 HDTVs under their respective alternative model names; the extra alphabet “U” appended to the end of the model number simply denotes the 3-pin-plug UK version.

Like the outgoing W5500 series, the Sony EX503 LCD TVs are blessed with full HD 1920×1080 native screen resolution, four HDMI inputs, Motionflow 100Hz motion-compensated frame interpolation (MCFI) technology, Bravia Engine 3 (BE3) video processing, and DLNA functionality. The Sony KDL40EX503 does offer the following improvements over the KDL40W5500:

  • Integrated Freeview HD (DVB-T2) tuner;
  • Wifi-ready for accessing selected online content via a wireless USB dongle; and
  • Can now playback DivX/ XviD/ AVI/ AVC video files over DLNA and USB (previously only limited to MPEG1).

In Europe, the Sony KDL40EX503 is known as the Sony KDL40EX500 which lacks a Freeview HD tuner but makes up for it with a built-in MPEG-4 AVC HD tuner.

Sony KDL32EX403 / EX403 Series

Update 18 April 2010: We have completed and published a full review of the Sony KDL32EX403.

Sony KDL32EX403

Lower down the Sony Bravia ESSENTIAL range is the EX403 series which does not feature 100Hz Motionflow technology. The Sony EX403 series comes in four screen sizes, of which we expect the 32-inch Sony KDL32EX403 to be the most popular:

Screen Size (inch)Model NameAlternative NameRRP
32Sony KDL32EX403Sony KDL-32EX403, KDL32EX403U£550
37Sony KDL37EX403Sony KDL-37EX403, KDL37EX403U£650
40Sony KDL40EX403Sony KDL-40EX403, KDL40EX403U£750
46Sony KDL46EX403Sony KDL-46EX503, KDL46EX403U£999

The Sony KDL32EX403 is known as KDL32EX402 in European countries, with the corresponding absence of Freeview HD tuner but addition of MPEG4 AVC HD tuner.

Sony KDL40EX703 / EX703 Series

Sony KDL40EX703

Given the runaway success of Samsung LED TVs in 2009, Sony must be kicking themselves for not selling more affordable edge-lit LED-based LCD televisions earlier. The EX700 series – which sits highest in the Bravia ESSENTIAL range hierarchy – is Sony’s slightly late attempt to join the party. Besides the 40-inch Sony KDL40EX703, these slim, full HD, 100Hz edge-LED LCDs are available in 32-inch (Sony KDL32EX703), 46-inch (Sony KDL46EX703), 52-inch (Sony KDL52EX703) and 60-inch (Sony KDL60EX703). Prices start from £900 for the 32-inch to £2800 for the 60-inch.

Those who do not need 100Hz Motionflow technology but still want a slim edge-LED screen can opt for the cheaper Sony EX603 series. It only comes in two sizes though: the 32-inch Sony KDL32EX603 and the 40-inch Sony KDL40EX603 which are priced at £800 and £950 respectively.

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