In-Store Demo Doubles Consumer Interest in 4K Ultra HD TV

Mike Wheatley

It’s been repeated many times – seeing is believing, and if you don’t take our word for it, just go and stand in front of an ultra high-definition (UHD) TV yourself and you’re sure to be won over by its jaw-dropping graphics. That’s the advice from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which cites two separate studies undertaken recently: Consumer Perceptions of Ultra HDTV Technology at Retail (qualitative) and Consumer Perspective on Ultra HDTV (quantitative).

TV buyer

The CEA’s quantitative study noted that seeing 4K technology first-hand in a retail store has a massive influence on consumer’s perception. Of those who’ve seen or heard about 4K TV, just over 73 percent said that the technology was “positive”, compared to just 34 percent of those who hadn’t seen or heard it in a retail store.

The CEA concludes that it’s critical for consumers to see Ultra HD technology in person to be able to understand its benefits. During the study, consumers were asked to visit retail stores to see 4K TV for themselves, and then indicate their thoughts on the experience. A majority of consumers said that they were initially sceptical that 4K would be any better than HDTV, only to change their minds when witnessing the technology first-hand – something that the CEA says couldn’t have been achieved with a simple written description of the technology.

Rhonda Daniel, senior manager, market research, CEA, said that the study indicates consumer adoption of 4K TV will be largely due to these kinds of first-hand experiences:

“The technology offers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with superior picture quality. Experiencing the technology in person is a critical component to drive consumer interest in adopting Ultra HD as their next television,” she said.

Of course, high-end TVs are very expensive things and so consumers might find it difficult to justify buying one the moment they set their eyes on a 4K display. Even so, the study found that’s not the case with everyone – in fact, the opposite is true, with 43 percent of consumers saying that they’d justify the expense in order to own a TV with an improved picture quality, while 42 percent said that they’d splash out on a bigger screen. Meanwhile, a massive 62 percent said that they’d be willing to buy a 4K TV if the images were so clear it was like watching something with their own eyes.

Price isn’t the only stumbling block either, as it turns out that quite a few people are aware that there’s little that can actually be watched on a 4K TV. According to the study, 43 percent of consumers indicated they were worried about the lack of 4K TV programmes, while the lack of any streaming services or 4K Blu-ray was also cited as a problem.

All in all, despite these concerns, the studies indicate that UHDTV technology is set to take off in the next few years. The CEA says that 4KTV shipments are likely to increase eightfold this year, totalling some 485,000 units and raking in more than $1 billion in revenues for the companies that make them.

Source: Consumer Electronics Association