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Is Sony & Panasonic’s 300Gb Optical Disc The Seed For 4K Blu-Ray?

4k Blu-ray

As we’ve highlighted countless times here on HDTVTest, one of the biggest roadblocks standing in the way of widespread 4K TV adoption (besides the cost!) is the almost total lack of any native ultra HD content to watch on these super high-resolution televisions. TV manufacturers are working overtime to address the problem. We’ve already seen significant progress with the idea ... Read More »

4K Blu-ray Discs Unlikely To Arrive This Year

Earlier this year, the Blu-ray Disc Association set up a task force in order to consider ways in which they could extend the Blu-ray format to allow for the delivery of 4K content. Now this week, the association has announced that its received a final set of recommendations on how to do that, raising hopes that we could soon see ... Read More »