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Is Sony & Panasonic’s 300Gb Optical Disc The Seed For 4K Blu-Ray?

4k Blu-ray

As we’ve highlighted countless times here on HDTVTest, one of the biggest roadblocks standing in the way of widespread 4K TV adoption (besides the cost!) is the almost total lack of any native ultra HD content to watch on these super high-resolution televisions. TV manufacturers are working overtime to address the problem. We’ve already seen significant progress with the idea ... Read More »

Japan Carries Out World’s First 4K Video Streaming Test

Japan’s NTT West is set to become the first telecoms company to carry out a trial of 4K video streaming across the web, in an attempt to prove that it can be done. The trial, which lasts until this Friday, makes use of the new H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, which is able to compress the amount of ... Read More »

Netflix Hopes To Deliver 4K Streaming In Next 1-2 Years

We’ve heard lots of noise from TV makers like Sony and Samsung in recent weeks, both of whom have been bullish about the prospect of delivering the 4K format to the living room in the near future. Now Netflix has entered the fray, claiming that it’ll be able to stream Ultra HD TV shows and movies to its customers within ... Read More »

Sony 4K Movie Streaming To Be Available on Next-Generation PS4

Sony PlayStation 4 “will support 4K movie service” Sony’s still being pretty secretive about the design of its new PlayStation 4 console, but while we might not know what it ‘looks’ like, we can be pretty confident that what we see on our screens will be nothing short of spectacular. Yesterday, in an exclusive interview with The Verge, Sony’s COO ... Read More »