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Japan Carries Out World’s First 4K Video Streaming Test

Japan’s NTT West is set to become the first telecoms company to carry out a trial of 4K video streaming across the web, in an attempt to prove that it can be done. The trial, which lasts until this Friday, makes use of the new H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, which is able to compress the amount of ... Read More »

Sharp Wants To Kill Off 4K TV With Quattron Tech

4K TV. It’s the next generation of awesome TV display technology that’s destined to take over our living rooms, or at least it is if you believe the likes of Sony and Samsung, which have been aggressively marketing their own new Ultra HD 4K models. But not everyone agrees that a 4K future is our destiny, pointing to a series ... Read More »

Is Intel Planning A 4K Media Box?

Intel’s recent announcement that its up-and-coming new Haswell processor will support 4K resolution TV streaming suggests that its rumoured set-top box may be just the device we’ve been waiting for. While the announcement supposedly pertains to computers, there’s absolutely every reason to think that Intel’s media box would include similar capability. Given Intel’s desire to break into TV, the chip ... Read More »

Sony & BBC to film Wimbledon 2013 In 4K For Possible TV Broadcast

Sony and the BBC are planning to trial what will be the UK’s first ever 4K broadcast at this year’s Wimbledon tournament. Inside sources told Tech Radar that Sony is readying its most advanced Ultra HD camera equipment in preparation for the annual Tennis event, which is set to kick off on June 24th. In addition, the Evening Standard reports ... Read More »

Seiki Announces $1299 50in Ultra HD 4K TV In USA

Seiki SE50UY04

Looking to get your hands on a snazzy new 4K TV without going bankrupt in the process? Then you might just be interested in the latest new offering from Seiki Digital, whose brand new SE50UY04 4K television trounces the competition with a price tag of just US $1299 (around £850). Still think that’s a tad too pricey? Well perhaps, but ... Read More »