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BBC Demands Sky Scraps Retransmission Fees

The BBC has turned the tables on Sky and is threatening to make the satellite TV broadcaster pay to transmit its content in a new escalation of the years-old retransmission fees row. The threat suggests that the corporation is determined to abolish the £5 million annual fee that Sky charges it to carry its 49 TV and radio channels. BBC ... Read More »

3D TV Dead in the Water? The BBC Seems to Think So

3D TV programming

A senior BBC technology chief has admitted that viewers are becoming “less and less enthusiastic” about 3D TV. Speaking at the recent Future TV summit in London, the BBC’s Andy Quested said that although the broadcaster was one of the keenest proponents of 3D television, audiences had progressively gotten lower each time they televised a new show. 3D TV dead ... Read More »