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8K Ultra HD Planned For Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Making 4K Redundant


Ultra HD television might be in its early stages with the first affordable 4K TV sets only released in the UK this year, but could its ‘next-generation’ billing be ever so slightly premature? Reports suggest that could well be the case, with Japanese broadcaster NHK announcing plans to skip out on 4K altogether, and use the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as ... Read More »

Japan Aiming For 8K TV Broadcasts By 2020


While the rest of the world is still messing around with 4K, Japan is busy formulating plans to introduce 8K satellite broadcasts on a nationwide scale, aiming to have everything in place by 2020. Japan aiming for 8K TV broadcasts by 2020 The timetable was recently laid out by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and incorporates the nation’s ... Read More »