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OLED TV Unlikely To Be Affordable Any Time Soon

There’s bad news in store for anyone awaiting the day when those glorious new OLED TVs become even remotely affordable. The latest report on AMOLED production from NPD DisplaySearch reveals that manufacturers aren’t going nowhere fast in their efforts to boost low production yields and reduce the cost of making them. OLED TV unlikely to be affordable any time soon ... Read More »

LG Curved OLED TV To Go On Sale By End Of 2013

After giving us a tantalizing first glimpse of the world’s first curved OLED TV at last January’s CES, LG has now hinted that these cutting-edge displays may be on sale in the UK before the end of the year. LG curved OLED TV to go on sale by end of 2013 Curved screens have been getting a lot of hype ... Read More »