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BT Vision Is “Most Complained About” Pay TV Provider

BT Vision has ‘successfully’ retained one of the most unwanted honours in the UK TV industry, yet again being named and shamed for having racked up the most complaints out of all Pay TV providers in a new survey on customer satisfaction. The news will come as a blow to BT Vision’s reputation, given that the broadcaster is still something of a David compared ... Read More »

Freeview’s New Ad Takes Swipe at Pay TV Rivals Sky & Virgin Media

Freeview has taken aim at Pay TV broadcasters in a bullish new ad campaign as its battles to win over the UK’s living rooms, claiming that 95% of what people love to watch is already available on free-to-air TV. Freeview HD slots to be doubled in EPG revamp on 19 Sep The free digital TV platform aims to single out ... Read More »